Commercial Photo Gallery

Hallway with  some demolition, air movers and plastic tubing forcing air into ceiling cavities, and nearby SERVPRO drying equ

SERVPRO’s Somerset County Commercial Water Damage Drying

When the Somerset County facility in this photo needed water remediation, SERVPRO responded with partial demolition of lower walls and baseboards. Air movers with cylindrical plastic sheets force air into ceiling cavities to dry residual moisture.

SERVPRO drying equipment on a tile floor in a business

Post-Water Damage Professional Drying Equipment Makes the Difference in Somerset

The floor in this Somerset business had water damage. After extraction of the water, SERVPRO sets up multiple drying mats to dry the flooring. SERVPRO technicians use numbers of equipment to ensure that all areas containing water vapor get addressed and use their detection equipment to confirm it is dry.

Daycare facility with painted walls and standing water on a carpeted floor

Standing Water Damage in Daycare After Hurricane Affects Franklin Township

This daycare facility in Franklin Township had over an inch of standing flood water requiring removal in some areas. SERVPRO technicians have professional equipment to remove any depth of water in a structure. 

Office with SERVPRO drying and dehumidification equipment

Franklin Township Office Gets Fast Drying From Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water damage can halt business in Franklin Township businesses, until the property gets cleaned and dried SERVPRO brings multiple drying units and dehumidification equipment to get the job done as rapidly as possible. 

Tile with water and stains from commercial water damage

Somerset Warehouse Loses Flooring to Commercial Water Damage

Glue-down tile is often a loser when it comes to commercial water damage. The adhesion delaminates rapidly and needs removal to dry the substrate underneath. SERVPRO techs were able to remove the water and prep the area for the installation of new industrial flooring.

inch of water on carpeted office with folding chairs stacked against a wall

North Brunswick Flooded Conference Room

The standing water is reflecting the ceiling lights in this North Brunswick office and training center. SERVPRO can move all the contents like the folding chairs to a safe and dry location before proceeding with the water extraction and drying service.

Sheeting covering furniture

Somerset Furniture Store and a Water Loss

The plastic sheeting is 6 mil polypropylene to product the furnishings during an urgent water removal effort at this Somerset retail store. Our SERVPRO team works hard to mitigate the water damage and prevent the need to discard, as a loss, any of the merchandise. We can help, 24/7.

rows of air movers--green in a hallway, about 35 feet running

Plainsboro Water Mishap

The fire depressant system actuated and sprayed a small amount of water in the corridor of this Plainsboro hotel. Our goal at SERVPRO is to dry out the damp walls and carpet without disrupting the guests. With a large number of air movers, the work was completed quickly.

Plastic on the floor keeps stains at bay

The Ceiling in Somerset Building has Commercial Water Damage

This Somerset property had a large amount of commercial water damage from a broken pipe in the ceiling. The techs removed the ruined sheetrock to open up the area for drying.

A SERVPRO employee with a white suit on spraying a table.

Disinfectant in A Somerset breakroom.

This technician from SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County is wielding an electric-powered wet mister ULV  (Ultra Low Volume). Using a cold fog machine, he is able to spray an airborne disinfectant on hard surfaces such as the chairs and tables in a break room at this local business. The mist also stays suspended in the air for several hours, which can help slow the spread of viruses.

concrete floor with water reflecting from a flood with equipment spread out in a warehouse

New Brunswick Flooded Factory

When a main breaks and floods the concrete floor of a factory or warehouse in New Brunswick, there is a wise first move. Call SERVPRO. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, extract the standing water and dry out the facility to mitigate any capital investment damage.