Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

SERVPRO Handles Mold Damage Remediation in Highland Park Attic

This Highland Park attic had visible mold growth on the boards in the attic. SERVPRO technicians can quickly determine the cause for the infestation. Common rea... READ MORE

Somerset Home Had Mold Damage Invasion

One fact about mold damage in Somerset properties that is the same in every situation is this: it will not get better until it is professionally remediated. SER... READ MORE

Somerset Attic and a Mold Attack

The mold shown in the Before Photo was found in an attic in a Somerset home. The cause was poor ventilation and insulation, which led to a moisture accumulation... READ MORE

Franklin Township Mold Damage

Mold Damage, as very visible on the walls of this utility closet, required a simple solution--the demolition of the non-salvageable sheetrock and flooring. The ... READ MORE

Franklin Township Warehouse and Mold Damage

This corner of a block and metal constructed warehouse suffered a water leak that resulted in significant mold damage to the sheetrock wall. When the hyphae of ... READ MORE

Mold Needs Professional Remediation in Somerset Home

Once mold damage begins in a home, it spreads rapidly as seen in this Before Photo from a slow leak and poor ventilation in a Somerset bathroom. Addressing this... READ MORE

Mold Damage In New Brunswick

A mold infestation can spread throughout your New Brunswick home, quickly destroying everything in its path. Our mold damage specialists can make it “Like... READ MORE