Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Basement with standing water around support poles

Standing Storm Damage Water Removal in Franklin Township

Hurricane Ida left a large amount of standing water in this Franklin Township basement. SERVPRO technicians have large-scale water extraction equipment that can handle even deep standing water, including truck-mounted units to get the job done quickly.

A man standing in a wet basement with standing water

Somerset Basement Has Significant Storm Damage from Hurricane Rains

When Hurricane Henri rolled through Somerset, the torrential rains entered this basement. SERVPRO has not begun the extraction but can remove a large amount of standing water on the concrete floor quickly followed by drying with their professional equipment. 

Basement with standing water around furniture and boxes

Montgomery Snow Melt Fills Basement with Water Damage

After heavy snows hit the Montgomery area, the problem started for this home after the snowmelt. The sump pump began overwhelmed and over an inch of standing water collected in the basement ruining boxes and affecting furniture stored there. The homeowner brought in SERVPRO to restore the basement.

Tile floor with water and debris

Somerset Property Needs Extensive Help Storm Damage

Somerset flooring tends to bear the brunt of storm damage and this property was no exception. SERVPRO techs cleaned away the water and debris and then dried and disinfected the loss area so there were no signs of the previous water loss.

green air mover, small puddle of water, three yellow collision poles in a bay door extrance

North Brunswick Storm Flooded Warehouse

The mess from the flowing groundwater into this North Brunswick warehouse has been extracted, and the concrete pad looks clean. It is free of mud and dry, with the last remaining air mover completing the task in record time.

Blackish-green mold on underside of roof in an attic

Kingston Attic Moisture and Mold

The moisture in this Kingston attic shows the result—mold growing on the sheathing and rafters. SERVPRO techs can use ice-blasting to remove the colonies without adding additional water or moisture to the attic. We do it right.

air mover on concrete floor by bay door opening

Stormwater Drying in an East Brunswick Depot

The lone centrifugal air mover is completing the SERVPRO job after a storm covered this concrete pad with water. The client was pleased that his East Brunswick building did not suffer any lasting damage. It matters to us to satisfy our customers with professional and swift results.

Debris and water on a beige tile floor

Storm Damage and Mud and Sewage in Somerset, Oh My!

When the storm damage brings muddy debris and sewage into a property, the site may look overwhelming, but SERVPRO techs have the specialized equipment to address all of these needs and bring the property to its preloss condition.

cut out wood wall panels, showing water damage and plumbing

Somerset Storm Damaged Finished Basement

The groundwater is gone, pumped out by SERVPRO techs from this Somerset finished basement area. The non-salvageable wood panels have been cut (flood cut), exposing the PVC plumbing and wall voids for drying and disinfectant application.

flooding in home

Flood Damage Restoration In Franklin Township

Our skilled team is here to help when your Franklin Township home experiences damage after a storm. Our specialists have training in water damage restoration, upholstery & fabric cleaning, applied structural drying, and odor control. SERVPRO of Southeast Somerset County has the expertise, training, and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.